Mundane Week in North Carolina (Chapel Hill & Charlotte, USA)

Week 10 of Post Grad Life.

My emotions are finally calm.

I think when I was traveling, I was always having the fear of missing out… anxiety that I needed to get work done, but also travel to see as much as possible. Now that I am finally home in mundane Charlotte, NC, I don’t have any fear of missing out. I am 100% focused on getting all the shit that I need to get done, done. I’ve been staying home in my pjs all day applying for jobs, finishing all the blog writing I’ve been putting off, cleaning/throwing away all the crap I’ve been piling up at my parents’ house and working on launching my startup. Ta-da! I’m a big girl now, ha!

This week, I learned the importance of trust. I’ve been so alone for such a long time that I forget sometimes that there are people around me that I hurt whenever I do stupid shit. Long story short: I did something really stupid when I was in China that I will regret for the rest of my life and it came back to bite me in the ass this week. Lesson seriously learned.

Anyways, surprisingly… I have NO pictures for you guys. This week has been super mundane. I spent half the week at my boyfriend’s at Chapel Hill and the rest of it back home at my parents. They’re gone for the week so I’m just stuck in Charlotte, taking care of the dogs.

This is the only picture I have on my phone this week:

Entertainment of the night: guy almost getting arrested under my boyfriend's balcony.
Entertainment of the night: guy almost getting arrested under my boyfriend’s balcony.

I am seriously having travel and boyfriend withdrawals right now. I’ve been home for exactly four days and I damn hate it especially the part of being by myself. The only thing worse than being by myself is being by myself in a huge home with no one else in it. It scares the crap out of me that someone is going to come kill me in my sleep. Anyways, that’s it.

xoxo from Charlotte,