Boyfriend’s 30th Birthday and Meeting the Parents (LA, Charlotte & Chapel Hill, USA)

Week 9 of Post Grad Life.

It’s another week of travels. Since last Sunday, I went from Playa Del Carmen, Mexico to LA to Charlotte to Chapel Hill. My life is slowly going from jet setter to stay-at-home person.

LA was pretty mundane. It was just getting some writing done and hanging out with my boyfriend.

Sunrise at Long Beach California, taken from my iPad mini :)
Sunrise at Long Beach California, taken from my iPad mini :)

Charlotte was pretty mundane. My parents were being all upset at me per usual. They think that because I am a 22-year-old girl, I should not be going on “honeymoon”-like trips with my boyfriend. Frankly, I was more stressed about the huge pile of mess that had been compiled for four years that I have to get through this month. I was also super jet-lagged per usual.

Chapel Hill was where all the excitement was at. My boyfriend turned 30 on Friday and I wanted to do something special. So when I was in Charlotte, I kept bullshitting that I probably won’t be able to make it out to Chapel Hill this weekend because I was super busy. He had no idea that I was coming to surprise him at his office with a birthday cake… Not going to lie, but that was the best damn cake I’ve ever baked. Very proud of myself for that one.

Finally 30... and finally got him to smile with the cake!
Finally 30… and finally got him to smile with the cake!
LOVE this photo, so cute!
LOVE this photo, so cute!

Saturday, we woke up sometime around 4pm. I kid you not. We stayed up so late the night before that when we woke up around noon, we went back to sleep. Well, this was probably one of the most nerve-wrecking day I’ve had in a long time. I was meeting his family. I was so nervous that they may not like me that I think I went through six different outfit changes. This was the first time any guy has taken me home and also the first time that my boyfriend has ever brought a girl home.

It was actually really pleasant, but also really strange to see how opposite M was compared to the rest of his family. His family is super midwestern/southern. M certainly does not fit in that mold–definitely the family’s black sheep.

Anyways, found this really cool orange spider at his parents backyard:

Orange spider weaving its web. So cool!
Orange spider weaving its web. So cool!
Me trying to eat it... nom nom nom...
Me trying to eat it… nom nom nom…

I think my posts are getting shorter and shorter as my life is turning more and more normal… *sigh*

xoxo from Chapel Hill,