The Sweet Misery of Having No Post-Grad Plans (Hong Kong; Seoul, Korea)

Week 3 of Post Grad Life.

Today’s the last day of the month and I have literally been traveling NONSTOP since the last day of my Master’s classes. It’s the craziest lifestyle I have ever experienced my entire life. Since last month, I flew to Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Chicago, drove to West Lafayette for graduation, Knoxville for a pit stop, Asheville for another pit stop, back to Charlotte and Chapel Hill, flew up to NYC for a weekend, flew out of the country to Johannesburg in South Africa, then flew again to Cape Town, flew back to Johannesburg, then flew to Hong Kong for a couple days and then flew to Seoul, where I currently am now. Phew, that was a mouth full… Crazy… I can officially call myself a jetsetter!

Jetsetter’s ticket to Hong Kong from South Africa!
Up in the Air with South African Airways!
Up in the Air with South African Airways!


Hong Kong:

Hong Kong was a nice visit, but I wish I had done more while I was there. I got to visit one friend, but most of the ones I knew before had already moved out of the city. So I ended up at a shitty hotel. The worst part was that there was no elevator to carry up my two heavy luggages up 5 flights of stairs. That was a damn unnecessary workout on a hot humid day.

The first two days was just chill, but frankly I was too exhausted from my period (sorry for the TMI) to do anything. I did take some nice pics:

The Hong Kong Cable Car, photo taken from a moving bus.
The Hong Kong Cable Car, photo taken from a moving bus.
Another Hong Kong scenery taken on a moving bus
Another Hong Kong scenery taken on a moving bus.
Hong Kong Cable Car -- photo taken from a moving bus :D
Streets of Hong Kong

The most I did was getting my computer fixed. I got there exactly at the opening time and ended up coming out close to 3pm. FIVE FUCKING HOURS. I hate Apple, yet I don’t know why I keep going back. I sort of want to switch over to Samsung, but that’s just way too much work and time consuming…

It wasn’t all that bad though… I was quite entertained a couple of times. For one, people clap when you enter their Apple store in HK.

Then this lady happened:

Security came, but they were frankly like half my size. I wish I had captured better scenes of her screaming and throwing her phone around. At one point she was just screaming at the top of her lungs like the bitch was cray.

The third day in HK was pretty awesome. I went to Dragon’s Back and then went to Lamma Island to go visit a friend.

On top of Dragon's Back trail in Hong Kong!
On top of Dragon’s Back trail in Hong Kong!
Panoramic of the view from Dragon's Back
Panoramic of the view from Dragon’s Back

Then I checked out of shitty hotel and went to a hostel, which was actually soooo much better. I had to share one little apartment/room space with 5 guys, but they were all a lot of fun. Later on that evening, the guys and I went out to LFK (Lan Kwai Fong), but there wasn’t too much going on on a Wednesday night. None of us really wanted to spend any money on a bar or club so we just literally chilled in front of the 7/11, drinking cheap beer and people-watching.

Me and my new roommates!
Me and my new roommates at LKF!
This also happened... My key broke and the rest of it is stuck inside the front gate of the entire apartment complex. Shit.
This also happened… My key broke and the rest of it is stuck inside the front gate of the entire apartment complex. Shit.


Seoul, Korea:

The next morning, I left way too early for a 10:30am flight. I felt like such a responsible adult… Except that I ended up getting to my grandma’s place around 6pm. WTF, it took me almost 12 hours to get to Korea from Hong Kong. Insane.

Off to Seoul, Korea!
Off to Seoul, Korea!

Grandma shrunk even more than the last time I saw her (February of this year)… poor lady. Everything else seemed to be the same, except for the weather, my relationship with my sister and my perspective on life. It was only a couple months ago, but I was definitely a much different person then than I am now. Back then, I was always stressed out, trying to balance my life amongst my school work, going to work at the club, post-grad job hunting and working on my startup. Now, I am so fucking chill that I’m starting to worry that my life is too lax. Ha… the good life.

Seriously, since being back to Seoul, I have never been so satisfied with doing absolutely nothing. I have no desire to get a job, have no idea which country I will be in next week, I have an amazing boyfriend waiting for me back home, I’m finally on the right track of losing some weight, I’m hanging out with my grams, exploring the city in a new perspective and I finally started to bond with my own sister. My very own “non-existent” sister is finally making me feel like I have a sibling. It’s a weird feeling that I’m not used to, but she’s actually making me want to stay in Korea just a little bit longer so that I can hangout with her.

That’s it for all my updates for now…

xoxo from Seoul,