Italian Food in Chicago is to Die For (Chicago, USA)

I’ve been all over Italy this past fall, but where do I find myself the best pizza (or close to it) I’ve ever had in my life? Chicago, surprise!

This past weekend, I’ve been to Chicago for the World’s Largest Food Festival. Frankly, the festival itself was not that great. It was mostly overpriced small portioned food that you have to eat while you walk to the next booth.

My favorite part about coming to Chicago (other than the beautiful views of the city in every angle) was being able to spoil myself with good food. In most large cities that I’ve been to, I usually find myself finding decent food with crappy service (since they don’t care about returning customers since most are tourists), or decent food with overpriced menus. Chicago is the one place I’ve been that has had generally pretty good service and amazing food.

The one thing that I cannot get enough of here are the pizzas. I have yet to try the deep dish pizzas, but seriously Chicago pizza places know how to make thin crust pizzas like a real Italian restaurant. I’ve also had some really great seafood here too, but I think Chicago’s speciality really is in Italian food. Believe me when I say that you won’t be able to get enough of the pizzas here. I am not a big fan of heavy carb-packed meals and thus rarely go to Italian restaurants normally, but Chicago is the one place to splurge on some good Italian food.

Prosciutto Pizza
Prosciutto Pizza
Chicken Club Sandwich
Chicken Club Sandwich


The other one place that I really recommend is called Lou Mitchell’s (565 West Jackson Blvd). This place serves hell of omelette plates, FANTASTIC.

Last but not least, you guys have to try the famous popcorn place called Garrett Popcorn Shops. There’s a lot of stores throughout Chicago, but there’s one on 26 W Randolph Street that has a long line, totally worth waiting. The line goes by really fast and you get free samples along the way. Order the Chicago mix, which is the caramel and cheese flavor mixed so that you get the salty and the sweet taste together. Really worth going even if you don’t like¬†popcorn.

ps. sorry for the lack of and lousy pictures… I’m usually good about taking food pics, but all of mine were either blurry or someone photobombed them. If you want to check out some other photos of Chicago, click here!

xoxo from Chicago,