China Eastern is the Worst Airline EVER

5 hours 50 minutes. Apparently that was how long it should have taken me to get from Dubai to Korea. Bullshit. What was supposed to be a six hour flight turned out to be over 15 hours (and sure, now that I think about it, it doesn’t make sense that a flight from Dubai to Korea is only 6 hours, but still). I’m not the type of person to complain and curse about a company, but China Eastern is the SHITTEST airline I have ever taken. PERIOD. There is no doubt about it. I repeat, China Eastern is the worst airline EVER.

I am so infuriated right now. It’s been 15 hours of absolute bullshit. What was supposed to be a happy flight back to the motherland ended up being a trip to hell. I was held up and yelled at at immigration, dropped off at the wrong airport, starved and denied any proper customer service.

It all started in Dubai…

The problem all lied within the logistics. My original itinerary said that I was going to be in Korea in almost six hour from my departure from Dubai. WRONG. When I checked in at Dubai, the clerk there told me that I will receive my second boarding pass once I land in China. Wrong again.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 8.24.02 AM
Screenshot of my itinerary, booked from CheapoAir

After almost an 8 hours of sitting in the worst seat ever (crying babies everywhere and sitting beside a person who probably hasn’t bathed in days), I landed in China. I rushed to get to my next flight since I only had two hours of layover time only to get stopped at immigration. I figured this shouldn’t take long since I’m only stopping for a layover. WRONG. It was more like an hour of being yelled at.

No one at immigration at  the airport knew what he/she was doing. There was a dozen of us that just flew in from Dubai. Each one of us were told that we will land in SHANGHAI and receive a new boarding pass there. The true fact was that we were all screwed over. We all landed in Kunming NOT SHANGHAI and had no boarding pass to go to Shanghai. We were all stopped at the immigration and were treated like we were terrorists. For over an hour, we were sat down, waiting to get our passports back so that we can get onto our connecting flights. They kept yelling at us like we were deaf, questioning why none of us had boarding passes.

Every time I tried to explain my situation, there was a group of British girls who yelled back at the Chinese over my voice. They were so damn loud that even the deaf could hear and they were only making the Chinese more ticked off at us. I was actually so scared because I had no idea if they were going to let me get onto my connecting flight or if they were going to throw me into the illegal immigration prison. Serious, the way they were treating everyone at immigration were like guards yelling at prisoners.

Eventually, I turned on my data roaming on my phone to search for my flight information. It was a longshot, but I figured that maybe if I could show them that I actually had a connecting flight (even if it wasn’t a physical boarding pass, they’ll let me through). After passing through the annoying British girls, I managed to show my flight information from CheapoAir’s email to one of the immigration people. They were really skeptical of me at first, but after another 15 minutes of questioning, they stamped my passport and let me through. That was all it took to pass through immigration: a bad screenshot of my booking confirmation. At that point, I was so sure that I had already missed my flight to Korea.

When I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I saw my bags coming out through the carrousel. I was not supposed to see them until I got to Korea. What the hell were they doing out on the carousel, I had no idea. It looked like I wasn’t the only one that was mad to see the luggages come out though. When the British girls saw theirs, they flipped the shit. Anyways, so I grabbed my bags and went up to the departure deck to get onto my connecting flight.

Here’s where the second part of my nightmare began. I went from one China Eastern kiosk to the next, totaling 6 help desks with all my luggages before I was finally given any sort of help. Either one kiosk didn’t speak English or they just didn’t want to deal with my “no boarding pass” situation, so I kept being sent from one end of the airport to the other. What a great cardio workout. So by the sixth one, I was so fed up that I asked to speak with a supervisor or a manager. When she finally came, I told her my situation as thoroughly and slowly as possible so that she would understand. Yet, she didn’t. It took me three times to get her to understand that I was never given a boarding pass in Dubai and that I would receive one once I landed in China. She also didn’t understand why I was in such a hurry to Seoul, Korea when my flight “wasn’t until 5pm…”

I was a little confused on that one too actually. So I asked her what time it was and when the flight is. She said it was only 11am and the next flight to Seoul wasn’t until 5pm. That was definitely not right, so I showed her the ticket on my phone again. When she saw it, she had this ghostly face as if I showed her a suicide note. She looked at me and said that this was not Shanghai Pu Dong, but Kunming Airport. I actually didn’t process that for awhile, until I realized that the damn airline dropped me off at the wrong airport. What. The. Fuck. The ticket clearly says Dubai to Shanghai, Shanghai to Seoul.

The manager or supervisor or whatever she was made some phone calls to try to get my ass to Shanghai. The next half hour in the airport was like a training session for the Olympics or something. She suddenly grabs my wrist and starts to drag me, telling me to run. I am in my heeled boots with two carry-ons and all my other luggages and she was FORCING me to run, literally. I stopped her to get my luggages and she told me to leave them. How the hell was I supposed to trust her that my luggages would get to Korea?! Unfortunately, I didn’t have a choice. She would not let go of my wrist and kept pulling me towards her. I wish I had a video of her holding onto my wrist and pulling me to run. I do have this though (this was after she let go of my wrist. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the whole video because I ran out of memory space):

After running around in the airport for a good half hour, being rushed through security and customs, she proceeds to drag me in a bus. She leaves me with a male co-worker who then continues the journey with me. He proceeds to ask my situation, which I had already explained to at least a dozen people already at that point. Breathless and infuriated at that point, I demanded that I get a first-class seat to Shanghai. He laughed at me and replied with nothing. Then when the bus dropped us off in front of the plane, he rushed me up the stairs and handed me over the stewardesses without explaining to them my situation.

Once in the plane, I get questioned by another swarm of people. All the stewardesses were asking me where my boarding pass was and/or where my seat was. I told them my entire story, yet again, telling them that I never had a boarding pass to begin with. With confused faces, they kept asking why I didn’t have one and what seat I am in. I was SO angry at that point that I told them that I didn’t have a damn seat so they better move me up to first-class. However, instead of trying to calm me down, one of the stewardess grabbed my wrist and dragged me to a seat and sort of gave me a butt shove in there. She told me that I need to do my seat belt because the plane is about to leave. Who the fuck does that?! First of all, these people need to learn to not touch people like that and second of all, that is NOT how you treat someone who has had her last straw of patience.

Once the plane took off, I just wanted to forget about all of this and go to sleep. However, the stewardesses would not fucking leave me alone. I had another group of stewardesses come up to my seat (either as pairs or individually) asking me what had happened. They asked if this was even my seat. !!!!!!$#@%$%*#(@$@!)#!_@#!@#~~@@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING LEAVE ME ALONE.

Of course I never said that to any of them because it’s not their fault that the airline screwed me over (though, that was exactly how I was feeling on the inside). The only consolation I got from all this bullshit was a bottle of water. They couldn’t even get my food right. They gave me chicken with noodles or something. I asked for vegetarian.

Even when I got to Shanghai, China Eastern couldn’t get anything right. I think they moved the departure gate at least three times because of the flight delay. Even on my third flight, they couldn’t get my meal right. Starved, mad, exhausted and worried that I would get dropped off somewhere in Russia, I awaited patiently to get to Korea. I eventually got there safe and sound, but that was the WORST travel experience of MY LIFE. I have been on at least a hundred different flights in my short life, but this was THE WORST. China Eastern is the WORST AIRLINE and I will NEVER take it again. I don’t care if I have to pay an extra grand to take a different airline, China Eastern is the WORST. I don’t ever want to go through that headache again.

China Eastern is THE WORST airline EVER
China Eastern is THE WORST airline EVER! BEWARE and take at your own risk.

Fucking annoyed and waiting in line at the immigration line in Seoul,