Week of Confusion and Weekend of Integration (Lyon & Cape D’Agde, France)

Week 3 of Global Entrepreneurship Program:

EMLYON Semester.


To Drop Out or Not to Drop Out:

This week has been more confusing than ever for me. I couldn’t stop going back and forth about whether or not I should drop out of the program and go back home. It has been such an internal struggle because I really do like the program on a macro view, but it’s also a lot of investment on my part. I’ve even skipped a day of class this week because I wanted to stay home to apply for jobs back in the US as a backup plan. It really didn’t help the fact that my parents are telling me two different things too. My mom still wants me to drop out and go to law school next year. My dad thinks it’ll be a waste if I come home since I’m not guaranteed a job position there.

As for class this week, we were assigned to make a movie about an entrepreneurial topic. What a joke… I came to this program in hopes to meet potential business partners and launch a company, not make videos about entrepreneurship. It was definitely a struggle to get this done since I did everything from idea to final cut, no help from anyone else on the team.

The video about how unemployment is a global problem, but that with young inspirational entrepreneurs like the ones in our class, we can generate positive change. Here’s the video:



Latin Night Out in Lyon:

On Thursday, a couple of my friends and I went out to town to get dinner and went latin dancing. That was fun, but I definitely felt like I was dancing with two left feet, especially next to these really amazing dancers. I was frankly more interested in watching them dance than moving my own hips.

Trying to catch up with my two left feet...
Trying to catch up with my two left feet…
Martinique and Colombia wondering what's in their food
Martinique and Colombia wondering what’s in their food


Weekend of Integration:

The weekend was a little bit more fun. I went to “WEI” or “Week-End d’Integration,” which is a weekend in France where the school welcomes all new students. To be more specific, it’s a weekend of MTV-style spring break at an undisclosed location for all the first-year, international and other new students. It’s a weekend of unlimited food, booze, (sex) and fun.

I frankly thought that it was a weekend of waste though. It was like 185 Euros ($250) to just lay by the pool and the beach and fatten up. I had fun of course, but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I’ve done spring break in Panama City Beach as an undergrad, so integration weekend felt like a poor man’s version of PCB. In addition to that, everyone was exclusively speaking French. I mean exclusive as in, no one wanted to talk to me in English even though they all knew how to speak it… typical French.

Cap D'Adge, France
Cap D’Adge, France
Cap D'Adge with Russia and Italia
Cap D’Adge with Russia and Italia
Beach at Cap D'Adge with Martinique
Beach at Cap D’Adge with Martinique

One of the biggest events of WEI was the “Mr. and Ms. Wei” competition. There were 10 girls and 10 guys chosen to compete for the title (title of the most wrecked/funniest). It was such a train wreck and I can’t remember the last time I laughed that hard. There was one girl in particular who was just plain white girl wasted times ten. Then in the guys’ competition, there was one who accidentally stripped all the way down and everyone got a clear view of his ding dong.

After that madness was over, there was another dance party. Everything was great, except for the part that I almost had a concussion. I was dancing with Russia when he suddenly picked me up, slipped and dropped me. I landed on my head and that was not fun whatsoever. The paramedics came to check it out because it was a big fall, but I think I was okay.

I am literally dying to get home right now. I love partying, but an entire weekend full of it is just too much for me. I never thought I’d say this, but I am just too old for “spring break” partying.

xoxo from Cap D’Agde,