Horrible Week followed by an Amazing Weekend (Lyon, France; Geneva, Lausanne & Montreux, Switzerland)

Week 2 of Global Entrepreneurship Program:

EMLYON Semester.

This week’s topics: hating my grad program, meeting my new travel buddy and spending 24 hours in Switzerland.

Hating Global Entrepreneurship Program:

So, first things first: I am shocked. When I had made my final decision to come to France, I was still in a ball of hesitation to turn right around and dropping out of the program. After an amazing first week of orientation, I thought I had made the right decision to come here, but now I am thinking about dropping out again and getting a full refund.

Excuse my emotional outburst and insensitivity in the following paragraphs, but this has been such an upsetting week for me. My main issue is that I am seriously shocked at how low the education level is for this program. The first week of class was only an “Entrepreneurial Bootcamp,” but it was more like “Entrepreneurship 101” for middle school students. This week we learned about things like “what is an entrepreneur,” “what do entrepreneurs do,” and “what is an elevator pitch.” It was the worst way to waste a week of my life. Coming into this program, I had expected so much more out of a Master’s program, especially since it is run by not just one, but THREE world renown universities. I had expected intensive coursework and true guidance towards having our own successful startups. I had also expected the other students to have had background knowledge about entrepreneurship and/or have had their own businesses. There’s a lot of diversity in our program, that’s for sure, but in terms of a graduate-level program, this is not at all what I had imagined it to be.

At this point, I am full of disappointment and really thinking about withdrawing from the program. If the rest of the year is going to be like this, it’s not worth a single dollar or minute of my time.


Meeting Jersey Girl:
This week, honestly, the only great thing that has happened was meeting another girl from the US. I met her on Friday night, while waiting for the bus to go to downtown Lyon. I saw her walking to one of the bus stop seats and complaining about her shoes in the most American way possible. I asked her where she was from, somewhat already guessing New Jersey by her accent, and lo and behold, we have ourselves a Jersey girl.

We clicked instantly like a friendship made in heaven. She’s so much like me in many ways than not and we bonded so much over the fact that we were both North Americans studying abroad in France (especially since we’re both frustrated at how inefficient the French education system is; I’m sorry, but it’s true).

Crazy as it is… we’re going on a cruise together! After coming back from the bars, we literally stayed up all night eating pancakes (due to the fact that we didn’t have enough ingredients for chicken quesadillas) and figuring out our plans for fall break. We both wanted to go to Italy and Greece and we both have never been on a cruise before but always wanted to. SO, what better way to seal the friendship with a person you had just met a couple hours ago THAN booking a week’s cruise on the mediterranean with her while stuffing your face with pancakes at 4 in the morning?! There you have it, friends and family… Jersey girl and I are going on a cruise. I’m sure you’ll hear more about her on my future blog posts.


24 Hours in Switzerland:

On Saturday, I headed over to Switzerland with my friend French-Swiss (check out my other blog post on it for more pictures). He was going to Geneva for a scout’s camping trip. He had warned me that he will not have a phone with him up in the mountains and that I would be on my own for that. Well, it was quite the most interesting 24 hours I’ve ever had in my life, that’s for sure. Let’s just say that I was homeless for the night and had visited three different cities in 24 hours.

My friend had dropped me off in Geneva and I think I saw the entire city within 2 hours. I was so bored that I decided to hop on the train and just head over to the next town on the map: Lausanne.

Red rooftops of Lausanne, Switzerland
Red rooftops of Lausanne, Switzerland


Upon arriving in Lausanne
Upon arriving in Lausanne
Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva overlooking Evian

Lausanne was absolutely breathtaking. It was located across from the French region Evian, where they make the overpriced mineral water. The view was INCREDIBLE. It was there that I had met my new friend, Tupac (well I call him that cause he looked just like Tupac). He barely spoke English and his French was so hard to understand because it was Congo-French, but he was nice enough to let me stay with him for the night.

First thing this morning, I hopped on the train again to head over to the next town: Montreux. I had thought that Lausanne was the most beautiful city I’ve ever been, well Montreux definitely blew it out of the water. Montreux looked like a place out of a fairy tale, especially because of the famous Chateau de Chillion, which is pretty much a castle.

"Smile for mom and dad"
“Smile for mom and dad”

Anyways that’s about it. I’m back in Geneva, waiting for my friend to come pick me up. If you’d like to read more about my crazy adventure in Switzerland, click here to read “10 Steps to Surviving 24 Hours in a Foreign Country (Sarcasm Highly Intended).”

xoxo from Geneva,