About Me

Jinnygatchi [jin-ee-goch-ee]
1.   Refers to a 22-year-old bubbly Korean girl with an eclectic lifestyle and an ambitious dream.
2.   A hybrid of the fob motherland culture and the pursuit of the American dream.

Origin: “Gatchi” comes from the word “Tamagotchi,” a Japanese pet game in which the owner virtually feeds and plays with his/her pet and teaches it new tricks. The “Gatchi,” in this case, is a girl who likes to learn about life and discover new adventures around the world. 

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My name is Jinny and I am an adventurist. Everyday, I wake up looking to explore new aspects of life and seek for answers to my curiosity of this world. I pursue happiness by doing what I want and not by doing what others want of me. So, I travel the world, living everyday filled with gratitude, happiness and new adventures.

During my time traveling, I’ve stumbled upon life-threatening adventures, love and heartbreaks, friends from around the globe and a true reflection on my purpose in life. Almost everyday, I live out of a suitcase and I complain about what’s left in my bank account. When it comes down to it though, I love my crazy lifestyle and I wouldn’t change it for anything less.

The stories I share with you are memorandums and updates of my experiences since I left home. This is a diary of all my adventures through which I hope to inspire, inform and entertain my readers.